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April 25, 2019

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If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out my new website yet, what the heck are you waiting for?! Get on over there! I’m pretty excited about it.

Unfortunately with updating my new website I somehow lost access to to my old blog. I’m completely clueless how that even happened as it was working fine just a few months ago. But I lost EVERYTHING… so here I am starting a new blog from scratch after 8 years in business. I actually feel a little bit relieved, as I hadn’t blogged in almost 2 years and it feels like a fresh start. New website, new blog, new me!

One thing I decided to do differently this time with my new website design was list my prices directly online for the world to see. Before, I would send a PDF with my package prices to every single e-mail inquiry I got. It only took a minute to do, but in the grand scheme of things those minutes added up!  I figured I would cut out the extra step and just list my prices directly. Stream lining and simplifying is the goal for my business going forward. My thought process with this blog post is along the same lines. I didn’t have space for it on my website, but I wanted a space to showcase all of the different album options I offer as an “add on” to my wedding packages, without having to send it as photo attachments via e-mail every. single. time.

So without a further ado, NikkiMayDay Photography Albums:

Fort Myers Beach wedding Album

Probably my most popular album that I offer is the Flush mount album with a genuine leather cover. This album comes with the option of a “peek-a-boo” cameo cover so you can customize it with your favorite photo from your wedding day, as pictured here.

Fort Myers Beach Wedding Album

The genuine leather cover comes in a variety of amazing colors that you can choose from to match your wedding or your home decor.

Another popular option for album cover is the linen cover. Again, the linen comes in a “peek-a-boo” option to display your favorite image and a plethora of fun colors to choose from.

Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Wedding Album

My “standard album” automatically comes with a photo cover, as seen below. The photo cover is a wrap around cover that you can either display one full image, or choose two different images to display on front and back. It is also VERY durable and water resistant, so it makes a great choice for a coffee table album that you don’t have to worry about people touching or dogs slobbering on… or is that just in my house?

Naples Grand Wedding Album

ALL albums come with lay flat pages, allowing you to carry an image over the seam, or display one large image across both pages. These three options come 8×8, 10×10 or 12×12 for a wedding album, and you can also get all three covers in a 6×6 companion parent album.

Lastly, you can also choose the thickness of your pages. The standard album that I offer comes with “rigid” pages which is the middle option, but if you are going to have 100 pages to your album, you may want to chose the “thin” page option as it could be less bulky. Or if you want that extra bulk you can choose the thick option, to make your album more substantial if you want it to be a statement piece. You can see the variations in thickness in the photo below.

Have any questions? I’m here to help in any way I can! Please feel free to e-mail me at and we can choose a package and album that is perfect for YOU!


XoX – Nikki May



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